Thursday, October 11, 2012

Warrior Face

Warrior Face
I am warrior brave and fearless.
I have stood in the face of adversity many times and survived.
I know what it means to feel pain in your soul. 
I let it be a tether to the truth.
I speak out against perversion.
I saw truth where others only saw the fa├žade of lies they used to mask secrets.
I use the courage within me that other people show me that I am brave.
I have lost a lot in this battle of right and wrong.
I have gained so much more: Me, love, strength, and hope.
I will continue to speak out with the other voices demanding justice.
I will not forget or feel ashamed of my past.
I embrace myself and others that have fought this fight.
I will stand in the face of my fears and be victorious every time.
I have made myself a warrior because:
I am warrior brave, fearless,
and free!